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Offshore wind farms could be more risky for gannets than previously thought

- Offshore wind farms which are to be built in waters around the UK could pose a greater threat to protected populations of gannets than previously thought, research led by the University of Leeds says.

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Icelandic volcano’s toxic gas is treble that of Europe’s industry

- A huge volcanic eruption in Iceland emitted on average three times as much of a toxic gas as all European industry combined, a study led by the University of Leeds has revealed.

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Ocean life triggers ice formation in clouds

- Researchers have shown for the first time that phytoplankton (plant life) in remote ocean regions can contribute to rare airborne particles that trigger ice formation in clouds.

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Study finds only 44% of people in England capable of getting to work by walking or cycling

- Most people in England could not get work without motorised modes of transport, according to new research by the University of Leeds.

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Scientists warn of the risk from air pollution over the megacities of West Africa

- A new study warns of the risks posed by the increasing air pollution over the cities of West Africa - amid fears it could have an impact on human health, meteorology and regional climate.

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Mass extinction survival is more than just a numbers game

- Widespread species are at just as high risk of being wiped out as rare ones after global mass extinction events, says new research by University of Leeds scientists.

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