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Lost voices of the Holocaust: rediscovering music from a forgotten world

- Music by a Jewish victim of the Nazis feared lost forever is being performed for the first time since the Holocaust after being uncovered by a University of Leeds researcher.

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A Valentine’s Day letter from the Western Front

- A touching love letter from a young Frenchwoman to her sweetheart Tommy at the front has been unearthed by the University of Leeds.

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Legacies of the First World War

- Exploring the impact of innovation in technology during the Great War and shedding light on how people resisted the war are just two of many insights offered by new University of Leeds research.

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Unpicking the history of the fashion business

- A major project looking at the history of the post-war fashion business is launched at the University of Leeds next month.

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Musicians miss the point interpreting classics – the ‘jazz of their age’

- Musicians have spent almost a century misinterpreting the scores of the Classical and Romantic period in ways that would have astonished and probably horrified its most famous composers.

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Guidebook celebrates Leeds’ vibrant campus

- The rich architectural heritage of the University of Leeds is explored in a new edition of a classic walking guide to its campus.

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