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Updated statement

University of Leeds statement: Fire safety in Sentinel Towers and the Brenner Building

The University has been conducting a range of precautionary assessments on its buildings following the Grenfell Tower tragedy. The safety of students, staff and other campus users remains an absolute priority.

We have been working closely with West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service to ensure our existing fire safety provision is of an excellent standard. 

Following Government advice, the University has independently tested cladding samples from its buildings, in line with a national combustibility standard.

We have been advised that cladding which has been used on two of our buildings has not met this initial test standard. These buildings are Sentinel Towers on Burley Street, which is one of our student residences, and the Wellcome Trust Brenner Building, one of our academic research buildings on the St James’ campus.

Following a detailed inspection by West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service, it was determined that the comprehensive fire safety measures that are already in place mitigate risks from fire, and we are confident we can continue to safely occupy both of these buildings.

We have been in touch with students and staff that occupy both buildings to provide reassurance and to outline our existing range of robust fire safety measures.

These fire safety measures include regular fire risk assessments, high-standard of fire detection and alarm systems, and building features that enable the safe evacuation of individuals, such as enhanced fire protected escape stairs.

We want to reassure the whole University community that we will remain vigilant and proactive in relation to this rapidly changing set of issues. Next steps include further reviews of materials, to determine appropriate action in line with developing Government guidance. We will continue to update students, staff and campus users with any recommendations as they emerge.

Should you have any further queries, please contact the University’s Communications team on, and we will ensure your query is directed to the appropriate individuals.

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