University of Leeds Portal Project
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The University of Leeds Academic Services appointed a Project Manager, in July 2003, to oversee a 2-year project to explore the development of an institutional portal solution for the University. The institutional portal is intended to provide a seamless, web-based interface to a range of systems and services. The portal will also offer a customised, and potentially personalisable, web environment for staff and students.

We hope that key benefits of an institutional portal may include:

  • simplified sign-on and authentication to a number of different campus IT systems
  • easier navigation of the local web environment
  • better integration of internal web information resources with external resources
  • improved tools for web authoring

Institutional portals are currently under development in a number of other HE institutions in both the UK and the US.

The AS Portal Project Manager will undertake a range of activities, including a business analysis of the University's requirements, a user needs analysis and evaluation of software tools.

If you would like any further information about the project, please contact the AS project manager - click here for contact details.

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