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  • Problems logging in - new students

    1. Check that you have the correct username and password to login to the Portal. Get your ISS username and password

    If you cannot get your username and password using the ‘get username’ link above then please contact registration@leeds.ac.uk

    2. Check if your username is ‘ready’ yet? The ‘get username’ facility (above) will not work immediately – see the following notes:

    New students - unconditional offer. You should be able to get your username and password after you have received a firm offer of a place at the University.

    New taught postgraduates. You should be able to get your username and password from August 1st.

    New undergraduates starting in September 2008. You should be able to get your username and password from August 27th.

    New undergraduates – offered place through clearing. There may be a delay of one or two days in creating a username/password for you. You should be able to get your username and password a couple of days after your clearing offer.

    3. Check your PC keyboard – your password is case sensitive so check that you do not have ‘caps lock’ or ‘num lock’ on.

    4. You may be ‘locked out’. If you try logging into the Portal (or into your University email, or into a University cluster PC) and you enter the incorrect password 3 times then your username will be ‘locked’ for 30 minutes. If this happens – you can wait 30 minutes and try again, or you can ring the University ISS Helpdesk who will be able to ‘unlock’ your username.

    5. If you have previously logged into the Portal or other University system then you may have changed your password. If you have changed your password and can’t remember it then you will not be able to login to the Portal/your Uni email/any Uni cluster PC until your password is ‘reset’ by the ISS Helpdesk. You must visit the ISS Helpdesk in person (take your student ID card with you) and fill out a form in order to get your password reset.

    6. If you cannot login to the Portal using your username and password – make sure you’ve tried all the points above and then contact the ISS Helpdesk:

    ISS Helpdesk – level 10 red route or level 10 EBL
    Tel: 0113 34 33333
    Email: use web form
    Web: www.leeds.ac.uk/iss/helpdesk

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