Research Degrees & Scholarships Office

Handbooks 1-3 (below) are compiled annually by Research Student Administration. The documents are also available to registered students and staff in alternative formats (e.g. Braille, large print, e-text or audio) by contacting

Other important documentation can be found on the Policies section of this site.

How to use the Handbooks
The documents contain bookmarks which correspond to sections and sub-sections of the document. Open the PDF and (if the bookmarks are not already visible) select the bookmark icon  to the left of the screen.  Click on a bookmark to be taken straight to that section of the document - a plus (minus) sign indicates that the section can be expanded (collapsed).

  1. Research Student Handbook 2014-15 (pdf) opens in a new window
    Information on administrative and academic arrangements for research degree programmes, and links to the University’s Policies, Regulations and Codes of Practice that are relevant to research students.
    (for previous years handbooks see the Handbook Archive) Please note section 2.8.4 Council Tax research has been superceded - students who are in their overtime period and are registered on a full time programme of study do now qualify for Council Tax exemption.
  1. Ordinance and Regulations and Programmes of Study for Research Degrees 2014-15
    Formal regulations and requirements for the University’s research degrees. For instance, it provides details of the general University regulations regarding entry requirements, assessment of progress, time limits for examination and the criteria which must be met before research degrees can be awarded (for previous years Ordinance and Regulations and Programmes of Study see the Handbook Archive)
  1. Guide for Research Degree Supervisors 2014-15 (pdf) opens in a new window
    Information for research degree supervisors, to enable them to provide the appropriate level of support to research students.
    In some Schools, supervisors may be simultaneously involved in the supervision of students registered for different research degree programmes of study. In such cases, supervisors must ensure that they make themselves aware of the individual regulations and requirements for each research programme as described in the Ordinance and Regulations and Programmes of Study for Research Degrees (for previous years guides see the Handbook Archive).
  2. Guide for Internal Examiners (pdf)
    Information for research degree internal examiners, to enable them to assure fairness and consistency of the examination process by ensuring University of Leeds procedures, processes and criteria are followed. This document is designed to assist you in this process. Additional instructions are also available for examiners for Practice-led Research Degree candidatures and can be found at the following link: Additional Instructions to Examiners for Practice-led Research Degree Candidatures.