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Researcher Training and Development



E-training materials can be accessed from this page and via your faculty graduate school organisation within the University Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

E-training materials labelled (VLE only) can only be accessed via your faculty graduate school organisation within the University Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

Click on VLE only and log in using your ISS username and password. On your VLE home page change the first ‘Find’ box to Organisation and you will see your faculty graduate school organisation.


Ready to research

A bank of online open educational resources covering a range of topics on doing a research degree in the UK. Approximately 150 hours of self-study material is available.

Topics covered include:

  • developing academic writing
  • qualitative and quantitative research methods
  • referencing and avoiding plagiarism
  • use of new technologies in research, dissemination and publication
  • reading and understanding research papers
Intellectual Property in the research context (VLE only)  
Word-processing, Spreadsheets, Databases, PowerPoint & Outlook

MS Office tutorials
Office 2007, Office 2010, Office for Mac 2011 and Office 2013.

LaTEX tutorials
The School of Mathematics hosts a series of LaTEX tutorials including:

  • Guide to using LaTEX on the ISS machines 
  • Guide to using LaTEX on a Linux machine 
  • On-line tutorial on LaTEX 
Data collection and analysis

Bristol On-line Surveys (VLE only)
ISS online course covering the skills and knowledge you will need to
create and edit high-quality surveys using Bristol Online Surveys.

NVivo tutorials
There are step by step tutorials which have been designed to let you work at your own pace so whether you’re new to NVivo or upgrading from a previous version.

SPSS tutorials
The Open University have developed a series of interactive tutorials to help students new to SPSS to learn how to get started.

LabVIEW (VLE only)
National Instruments have developed learning materials to introduce you to LabVIEW.  The training contains slides and accompanying explanatory notes.  



Having difficulty accessing your faculty graduate school organisation? Email Dr Heather Sears