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Brantwood - http://www.brantwood.org.uk/

The Geological Society of London - http://www.geolsoc.org.uk/index.html

Cumbria the Lake District - http://www.cumbria-the-lake-district.co.uk/

Tarmac virtual quarry - http://www.tarmac.co.uk/QUARRYVILLE/

Cemex - http://www.cemex.co.uk/

Hanson - http://www.heidelbergcement.com/uk/en/hanson/home.htm

Burlington Stone - http://www.burlingtonstone.co.uk/Home.html

Bardon Aggregates - http://www.aggregate.com/Our-businesses/Bardon-Aggregates/

Aggregate Industries - http://www.aggregate.com/

Tarmac - http://www.tarmac.co.uk

SEM facilities at the Univeristy of Leeds - http://earth.leeds.ac.uk/research/facilities/sem.htm

SEM image database - http://www.greenelectron-images.co.uk/



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