The Brantwood Musical Stones and the related exhibition at Brantwood, Coniston, Cumbria are now open to the public.

The official launch event on Thursday 19th August was a huge sucess with over 500 people attending to hear a exclusive demonstration of the instrument by Dame Evelyn Glennie. Below are links to some of the media coverage of the event and also links where you can find out more about the Ruskin Rocks Project, the geology of the Lake District, the history of musical stones and much, much more.

Evelyn's Demonstration at the launch-

The Guardian coverage of the launch event - "Evelyn Glennie's Stone Xylophone"

The BBC coverage of the launch event - "Lake District rocks used to create musical instrument"


Introduction to the Project

Who's Who

History of Musical Stones

Why do Rocks Ring?

Geology of the Lake District


Relevant Articles


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