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Monitoring health and safety

The University monitors health and safety performance to be sure that the operational practice lives up to our plans. It supports the 'no surprises' approach. The standard sets out the Unviversity's expectations, and gives assurances that the ‘on the ground’ arrangements are effective and continuously improving.

We measure health and safety performance in four ways:


  • Health and safety inspection – Heads of School/ Service run these ongoing checks of the ‘on-the-ground’ situation to which trade union representatives must be invited. Inspections highlight areas of good practice or of concern and enable control measures to be put in place before harm can be caused. They can include spot-checks as a type of mini-inspection.
  • Health and safety audit – Health and Safety Services manage and carry out this ongoing, detailed process to collect evidence of the effectiveness of local systems for managing health and safety risks. Audit helps each school or service to gain valuable information on their strengths as well as on the areas of greatest risk where their resources should be focused in future.
  • Health and safety review – once a year Deans and Heads of Service Group, Heads of School/ Service and Health and Safety Managers meet to look at the current health and safety position, assess progress against objectives and support future planning.
  • Health and safety benchmarking  – At University and at local level, Health and Safety Managers (or Co-ordinators) collect information to identify trends around accidents, near misses or incidents. University and faculty/ service group Health and Safety Committees discuss these to measure and compare past and current patterns.