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United Kingdon flag Cambridge University logo Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, Cambridge University (DAMTP) [http://www.damtp.cam.ac.uk/user/jnm11/]

  Institution description
  • The University of Cambridge is one of the oldest universities in the world, and one of the largest in the United Kingdom.
  • It has a world-wide reputation for outstanding academic achievement and the high quality of research undertaken in a wide range of science and arts subjects.
  • The Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics is the largest and strongest of its kind in the United Kingdom and was awarded the top grade 5* in the last Research Assessment Exercise.
  • The Department currently consists of 21 Professors (13 of whom are FRS), 8 Readers, 12 Senior Lecturers and Lecturers, 6 Assistant Directors of Research, 100 Post-doctoral Fellows and 100 Research Students (approximately).
Key persons (please click on the name to view details) Publications
  • McElwaine, J.N. 2005. Rotational Flow in Gravity Current Heads, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, Series A, 363, 1603-1623.
  • McElwaine, J.N., Turnbull, B. 2005. Air pressure data from the Vallée de la Sionne Avalanches of 2004, Journal of Geophysical Research 110, doi:10.1029/2004JF000237
  • Kern, M.A., Tiefenbacher, F. and McElwaine, J.N. 2004. The rheology of snow in large chute flows, Cold Regions Science and Technology, 39, 181-192.
  • McElwaine, J.N. 2004. Image analysis for Avalanches, in Naaim, M. and Naaim-Bouvet, F. Snow and Avalanche Test Sites, Cemagref, 411-428.
  • McElwaine, J.N. 2004. Calculation of Two-Dimensional Avalanche Velocities from Opto-Electronic Sensors, Annals of Glaciology 38, 139-144.
  • McElwaine, J.N., Suguira, K. and Maeno, N. 2004. The splash function for snow from wind-tunnel measurements, Annals of Glaciology 38, 71-78.
  • McElwaine, J.N. and Teifenbacher, F. 2003. Calculating internal avalanche velocities from correlation With error analysis, Surveys in Geophysics, 24, 499-524.
  • McElwaine, J.N. and Nishimura, K. 2001. Ping-Pong Ball Avalanche Experiments. Particulate Gravity Currents. Blackwell.
  • Eames, I. and Dalziel S.B. 2000. Resuspension of dust by the flow around a sphere impacting a wall. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 403, 305-328.
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  • McElwaine, J.N., Hachikubo, A., Nemoto, M., Kaihara, T., Yamada, T. and Nishimura, K. 1998. Observations and Simulations of the Formation of the Faceted Snow Crystals in the Weak-Kayer of the 1998 Niseko Haru no Taki Avalanche.
  • McElwaine, J.N. and Nishimura, K. 1998. Ping-Pong Ball Avalanche at a Ski Jump. Granular Matter, 1, 51-56.
  • Snow Avalanche Dynamics: Observations and Experiments K. Nishimura &Y. Ito & S. Keller & J. N. McElwaine &Y. Nohguchi &K. Izumi & K. Kawada in 25 Years of Snow Avalanche Research.. NGI (1998), Oslo.
  • Hacker, J., Linden, P.F. and Dalziel, S.B. 1996. Mixing in lock-release gravity currents. Dyn. Atmos. Oceans, 24, 183-195.

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