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Italian flag Department of Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering, University of Pavia logo Dipartimento di Ingegneria Idraulica Ambientale, Università degli Studi di Pavia (Department of Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering, DIIA) [http://www.unipv.it/webidra/neve_valanghe/index.htm]

  Institution description
  • The Department of Hydraulic & Environmental Engineering (Chairman: Professor Mario Gallati) is part of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Pavia, with 21 faculty members (6 full professors, 11 associate professors, 4 research professors), 8 technical and administrative staff and 8 PhD students and post-doctoral research fellows.
  • As far as academic activity, 29 curricular courses for Engineering Degrees (undergraduate and graduate, in addition to specific courses for PhD candidates and continuing education courses and seminars) are offered annually by the faculty members of the Department.
  • The research and consulting activities of the Department are structured among 8 laboratories (Chemical Laboratory, Thermodynamics, Numerical and Experimental Fluid Dynamics, Urban Hydrology, Sanitary Engineering, Environmental Pollution Processes Modelling, Hydraulic Risk, Turbomachinery) that cover well-defined thematic areas of specialisation.
  • Each laboratory has specialised experimental and computing equipment that is used for ongoing research and external expert consulting; specific experimental set-ups can be arranged according to necessity in the general laboratory floor that has a surface of over 1200 m2, a usable height of 12 m and a crane with 10 t load carrying capacity.

      Participation in European research projects:
  • 1996-1998, Research Project SAME (Snow Avalanche Mapping, Model Validation and Warning Systems in Europe) of the IV Framework Program Environment and Climate of the European Community (DG XII).
  • 2000-2002, Research Project CADZIE (Catastrophic Avalanches: Defense Structures and Zoning in Europe) of the V Framework Program Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development of the European Community.

      Research partnerships:
  • 1994-1999, Research partnership with the Avalanche Centre of the Veneto Region, Italy (Centro Valanghe di Arabba).
  • Since 1998, Research partnership with the Avalanche Centre of the Lombardy Region, Italy (Centro Nivometeorologico di Bormio).
  • Since 2000, Research partnership with A.I.NE.VA (Italian Interregional Association for Snow and Avalanche Research).
Key persons (please click on the names to view details) Publications
  • Biancardi, A., Ghilardi, P. and Pagliardi, M. 2005. Automatic Mask Extraction for PIV-Based Dam-Break Analysis. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol.3523, Proceedings of the Second Iberian Conference, IbPRIA 2005, Estoril, Portugal, June 7-9, 2005.
  • Biancardi, A., Ghilardi, P. and Pagliardi, M. 2005. Dry Granular Flows Need Special Tools. Proceedings of the 2nd Canadian Conference on Computer and Robot Vision, pp. 514-520.
  • Barbolini, M., Cappabianca, F., Natale,G., Pagliardi, M. and Biancardi, A. 2005. Laboratory study of erosion processes in snow avalanches. Cold Regions Science and Technology, in press.
  • Barbolini, M., Pagliardi, M. and Biancardi, A. 2005. A low cost system for the estimation of concentration and velocity profiles in rapid dry granular flows. Cold Regions Science and Technology, in press.
  • Barbolini, M. and Keylock, C.J. 2002. A new method for avalanche hazard mapping using a combination of statistical and deterministic models. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 2, 3/4, 239-245, (Presented at the EGS XXVI General Assembly, Nice, France, 25-30 March 2001).
  • Barbolini, M. and Cappabianca, F. 2002. Determinazione della relazione tra distanze di arresto e tempi di ritorno delle valanghe: un nuovo metodo basato sull'analisi statistica dei dati storici. Neve e Valanghe 46, 14-23.
  • Barbolini, M., Cordola, M., Natale, L. and Tecilla, G. 2002. Hazard Mapping and Land Use Regulation in Avalanche Prone Areas: Recent Developments in Italy, In Proceedings of the NEDIES Experts Workshop on Recommendations to Face Snow Avalanches in Europe; Ispra (VA), 11 Luglio 2001, JRC publication.
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