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French flag Research Division on Torrents, Snow and Avalanches, ETNA logo Division Etude des torrents, de la neige et des avalanches, CEMAGREF (Research Division on Torrents, Snow and Avalanches, ETNA) [http://www.grenoble.cemagref.fr/grenoble/etgr/etna.html]

  Institution description
    The mission of CEMAGREF and its research unit ETNA:
  • Cemagref is a public organisation dependent on the French Government, Department of Agriculture and Department of Research. It employs over 1000 scientists and technicians specialising in interdisciplinary research with applications in the field of environmental sciences, natural risks, rural life, agriculture, and the preservation of soils, water quality, vegetation and wild life. Cemagref has ten regional centres. The Grenoble centre is specialised in issues concerning the mountain environment.
  • The snow science team (ETNA - Snow avalanche engineering and torrent control research unit), localised in Grenoble, was created in 1972 after a big avalanche accident in the French Alps in which 39 people were killed. This section employs 15 full-time scientists and technicians, plus 12 post-graduate students. It is specialised in snow studies, especially avalanche mapping, snowdrift and avalanche modelling, preventive avalanche and snowdrift control, and permanent avalanche mitigation measures. The team is active in fundamental research and its concrete applications.

      Experience of ETNA:
  • The ETNA-Cemagref research unit is the unique French laboratory involved in avalanche prevention. ETNA has carried out research in the field of snow avalanches throughout the past thirty years. It developed a field database (more than 5000 avalanche paths surveyed), avalanche mapping, numerical models both for dense and for powder avalanches. It has abundant experience in the use of physical modelling on avalanche field. The current activities are related to the integration of avalanche models in geographical information systems in order to make these models more accessible to end-users, and to the development of knowledge concerning the interaction between avalanche flows and structures.
  • Moreover, ETNA is the co-ordinator of the EU project Cadzie (5th Framework Programme) and was the co-ordinator of the 4th Framework Programme project SAME which involved 14 European laboratories.
Key persons (please click on the names to view details) Publications
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