Leeds Meeting, 16-18 January, 2003
EU Contract no. EVG1-CT2002-00059


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  Avalanche Dynamics Workshop
  • The Leeds meeting was attended by SATSIE project members as well as researchers from Moscow State University (Margareta Eglit), the Nagaoka Institute of Snow and Ice Studies (Kouichi Nishimura), the University of Bristol (Andrew Hogg), and the University of Manchester (Nico Gray).
  • Presentations were given by the meeting participants on various aspects of snow avalanche behaviour including:
    • Flow regimes;
    • Erosion and deposition;
    • Powder-snow avalanches;
    • The use of Savage-Hutter theory in avalanche studies;
    • Avalanche research in Russia;
    • Interactions between avalanches and catching dams;
    • Interactions between avalanches and deflecting dams; and
    • Particle-driven gravity currents and powder-snow avalanche dynamics
  • There was a lively discussion and debate of many of the ideas that were presented
  • The discussions over the first 1.5 days were used to formulate sub-tasks for the various tasks in workpackage 5 (and 4.2). There are links to these sub-tasks from the project description page
  • Subsequently, there were discussions about appropriate data formats for the project and about the nature of the web-site.

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