Karstein Lied
EU Contract no. EVG1-CT2002-00059


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  • Karstein Lied, born 1 April 1941, Norwegian, has been a Project Engineer, Division Head, Section Head, and Technical Adviser in Section for Environment and Avalanches, Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI) since 1972.
  • MSc in physical geography, University of Oslo, 1970. Mr. Lied has background in geomorphology. He has pioneered the application of statistical runout models for snow avalanches, avalanche hazard zoning and avalanche protection measures in Norway.
  • His field of expertise includes rock falls, landslides, snow and ice avalanches, risk evaluation and protection measures.
  • He has previously been participant in four EU programs (HCM, MEFISST, SAME, and TIGRA).
  • Mr. Lied is author or co-author of 13 papers in international publications, 2 manuals on snow avalanche risk, as well as about 300 contract reports and 35 research reports on snow avalanches, rock falls, debris flows, slush flows, ice avalanches and pile foundations of constructions in steep terrain.
  • e-mail: Karstein.Lied@ngi.no

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