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  SATSIE Montage Image:

xxxxxxSATSIE Logo
xxxxxThere are five images that make up this montage. Together they illustrate various aspects of the SATSIE project. They are described in more detail below.

xxxxxxLoad cell results
xxxxxxLoad cell results from the upper cell (blue), middle cell (orange) and lower cell (purple)
xxxxxxfor an avalanche occurring on the 17th February 2002 at Ryggfonn in Norway.

xxxxxxAvalanche striking the dam at Ryggfonn.
xxxxxxAn avalanche striking the dam at Ryggfonn. The powder component of this avalanche is
xxxxxxclearly visible.

xxxxxxChecking of the load boxes before snowfall
xxxxxxArne Moe checking the load boxes installed on the
xxxxxxRyggfonn dam before winter snowfall begins.

xxxxxxAn avalanche at Ryggfonn observed from the opposite mountainside
xxxxxxAn avalanche at Ryggfonn showing
xxxxxxthe full extent of the avalanche path.

xxxxxxAerial view (a) of Flateyri since the dam has been installed
xxxxxxAn aerial view of Flateyri in Iceland. The deflecting dam built in response to the
xxxxxxfatal avalanche of 1995 dominates the slopes above the town.


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