Objective 1
EU Contract no. EVG1-CT2002-00059


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  Sensors for avalanche experiments
  • Objective 1 is a prerequisite for achieving Objective 2 (laboratory and full-scale avalanche experiments). Recent developments include powerful yet low-cost Doppler and frequency-modulation radar systems for use both in experiments and in avalanche alarm systems to obtain information about the pressure and velocity distribution in the avalanche.
  • Existing techniques such as a concentric-cylinder rheometery, paired LED sensor arrays for velocity profile measurements and load plates measuring normal and tangential stresses at the ground will be optimised and adapted to the forces, velocities and environmental conditions of large snow avalanches.
  • Improved analysis techniques will be developed for the data from radars, load cells sensitive to high-frequency particle impacts, and geophones. These sensors will be installed at NGI's Ryggfonn test site in Grasdalen, western Norway, so that comprehensive and detailed data pertaining to Objective 2 may be obtained.

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