Objective 2
EU Contract no. EVG1-CT2002-00059


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  Laboratory and full-scale avalanche experiments
  • The envisaged experiments need to probe the internal dynamics of avalanches by simultaneously measuring stresses, velocity profiles, fluctuating internal motions and snow entrainment rates at different locations along the path, besides the traditionally measured variables.
  • The laboratory experiments in chutes of various sizes with both dry granular materials and snow, serve to study the flow dynamics under controlled conditions, systematically varying the key flow parameters. In the full-scale experiments, care will be taken to also determine the relevant snow properties so that the measurements can be compared with the laboratory results and the scaling behaviour of various processes determined.
  • The Ryggfonn full-size test site will be specially equipped for studying the interaction of real snow avalanches with a retaining dam, in order to compare the data with laboratory experiments and model predictions obtained in the EU project CADZIE.

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