Pavia experimental chutes
EU Contract no. EVG1-CT2002-00059


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  Chute A
  • The channel is 35cm wide and 6m long, with an uniform inclination which can vary from 0° up to about 40°. The runout zone is represented by the ground floor, and the present location of the facility allows runout distances up to 3m.

  • xxxxxxChute A, front view

    xxxxxxChute A, front view.

    xxxxxxChute A, side view
    xxxxxxChute A, side view.

  • This chute has mainly been employed so far to investigate the runout of a debris flow on a horizontal plane surface. The experiments were performed using mixtures composed of water and different granular materials, with densities ranging from 1100 kg m-3 to 2610 kg m-3 and grain sizes ranging from 1mm to 5cm.

  • xxxxxxChute A, runout of a granular material
    xxxxxxChute A, runout of a granular material.

  • The first experiments gave results sufficiently close to those theoretically predicted with the well known Takahashi’s method for runout distance estimation, but the observed dynamic development of the debris flow cone differs to that described by Takahashi; work on this subject is now in progress.

  • xxxxxxChute A, debris flow cone (a)

    xxxxxxChute A, debris flow cone (a).

    xxxxxxChute A, debris flow cone (b)

    xxxxxxChute A, debris flow cone (b).

Chute B
  • The construction of this new experimental chute has been recently completed. It is 30cm wide (but the width can also be reduced), made by two separate 5m-long reaches. The inclination of the reaches can varied independently, and can be up to about 60° for the higher reach, and up to about 30° for the lower; the second reach can also take negative inclinations, to allow run-up studies to be carried out.

  • xxxxxxChute B, front view

    xxxxxxChute B, front view.

  • The difference between the two slopes can be highly variable. This channel will be mainly employed to study bed erosion and deposition phenomena, and flow regime transition related to slope changes.

  • xxxxxxChute B, side view

    xxxxxxChute B, side view.
Chute C

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