Privacy Statement
EU Contract no. EVG1-CT2002-00059


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  • 1. Purpose of this Statement
    This statement tells you how the University will collect and process your personal data when you access this website.
  • 2. Automated Collection of Personal Information
    As with most other web servers, when you access these web pages certain information you provide will automatically be recorded by the University. This will include your IP address, browser type, and information relating to the page you last visited. This information is processed to estimate how much usage of the server is made by different categories of users and in the event of a breach of security may be used to aid detection.
  • 3. Non-Automated Collection
    Where you are required under this website to provide personal data this data will be used for the following purposes:
    On the [Feedback] page for this site we require you to enter your name and e-mail address. This information will be used purely for the purpose of contacting you with respect to your query.
  • 4. Third Party Access
    Your personal data that you have provided will not be sent to other third parties and will remain confidential, accessible only by those who have a legitimate need to know within the University.
  • 5. Changes to this statement
    This statement and therefore the ways in which your data may be processed can be changed from time to time. Any changes will only be notified via this web page. If you have any queries relating to the privacy statement then please contact who is responsible for the pages to which it relates. If you feel dissatisfied with the response given then please contact the University’s webmaster (


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