Walter L. Randeu
EU Contract no. EVG1-CT2002-00059


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  • Prof. Dr. Walter L. Randeu, born 1946, Austrian.
  • Studies in Telecommunications and Electronics at TU Graz, Austria. Academic degrees Dipl.-Ing. (1973), Dr.techn. (1983) (both TU-Graz).
  • 1973-1987 Assistant Professor and lecturer for Radar Theory and Technology at the Dept. of communications and Wave Propagation ("INW"), TU-Graz.
  • Since 1987 Associate Professor Radar Theory and Technology, TU-Graz, Head of the Radar Research Group at INW / TU-Graz.
  • Since 1980, under contract with Joanneum Research GmbH Graz, Head of the Radar and Propagation research Group at the Institute of Applied Systems Technology. Scientific and technical project/study manager of several ESA, INTELSAT, EU and nationally funded contracts related to radiometer and radar supported microwave propagation and precipitation measurement research and developments. Leading project scientist and co-ordinator in several national research and development contracts, e.g. weather radar networking, radar-supported avalanche research and application of weather radar measurements for hydrology and hail research/protection.
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