Seydisfjordur Meeting, 1-3 September, 2005
EU Contract no. EVG1-CT2002-00059


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  Third Annual Project Meeting
  • The third annual project meeting took place in the town of Seyšisfjöršur in Eastern Iceland. It was attended by project members as well as a representative from the European Union (Denis Peter), and researchers from Moscow State University (Margareta Eglit), SLF (Betty Sovilla), the University of Manchester (Xinjun Cui), and the Icelandic Meteorological Office (Žordur Arason and Hordur Žor Sigurdsson).
  • Presentations were given by the meeting participants on various aspects of snow avalanche behaviour. These presentations can be downloaded by project members from the link in the private area.
  • We discussed various results including:
    • This year's avalanche at Ryggfonn, the success and failure of various measurement systems and the process-based detail that can be derived from these measurements;
    • Measurements made on the avalanche powder cloud at Vallée de la Sionne, Switzerland.
    • Video tracking of snow avalanches correcting for varying focal lengths and vibration of the equipment;
    • Estimating frontal velocities based on seismic measurements;
    • The relationship between hydraulic theories for various types of shocks and observations made during experiments;
    • Development of enhanced models for snow avalanche dynamics using an enhanced NIS-type rheology (informed by experiments undertaken on this project) or using a two-layer modelling framework (with an intermediate layer used to apportion fluxes) within which different rheologies may be implemented;
    • The state of various deliverables of the project. (Project members may access draft version from within the private area of this site);
    • Strategic issues regarding the future directions of collaborative snow avalanche research in Europe;
    • Contributions to an advanced European Summer School on avalanche modelling in 2006.
  • As well as the meetings, we also took some time to look at the avalanche defences at Brun above Seyšisfjöršur, as well as those protecting part of the town of Neskaupstašur. To view some images from these excursions please go to the Avalanche Defences in Eastern Iceland Image Gallery.

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