School of Geography, Leeds
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  Institution description
  • Leeds University is one of the largest in the UK with 24,000 students in the year 2000.
  • It has a strong reputation for research, with 35 departments rated internationally or nationally excellent according to the British University Research Assessment Exercise (RAE).
  • The School of Geography at Leeds is large with over 30 academic staff and was placed in the top ten in the country in the 1996 RAE.
  • The School has an excellent reputation for quantitative research into the physical environment. It also has close links to many other international research groups.
Key persons (please click on the names to view details) Publications
  • Keylock, C.J. 2003. The North Atlantic Oscillation and snow avalanching in Iceland. Geophysical Research Letters, 30, 5, doi:10.1029/2002GL016272
  • Barbolini, M., Keylock, C.J. and Savi, F. 2002. Statistical methods for the evaluation of friction coefficients in avalanche hazard mapping. Presented at the 2nd Kirovsk International Conference on Avalanche and Related Subjects, 3-7 September, 2001. Data of Glaciological Studies, 93, 88-99.
  • Barbolini, M. and Keylock, C.J. 2002. A new method for avalanche hazard mapping using a combination of statistical and deterministic models. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 2, 3/4, 239-245, (Presented at the EGS XXVI General Assembly, Nice, France, 25-30 March 2001).
  • Keylock, C.J. and Barbolini, M. 2001. Snow avalanche impact pressure - vulnerability relations for use in risk assessment. Canadian Geotechnical Journal, 37, 227-238.
  • Barbolini, M., Gruber, U., Keylock, C.J., Naaim, M. and Savi, F. 2000. Application of statistical and hydraulic-continuum dense-snow avalanche models to 5 real European sites. Cold Regions Science and Technology, 31, 133-149.
  • Keylock, C.J., McClung, D.M. and Magnusson, M.M. 1999. Avalanche risk by simulation. Journal of Glaciology, 45, 303-314.
  • Keylock, C.J. and Domaas, U. 1999. Evaluation of topographic models of rockfall travel distance for use in hazard applications. Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine Research, 31, 312-320.
  • Harbitz, C., Issler, D. and Keylock, C., 1998: Conclusions from a recent survey of avalanche computational models. NGI Publications 203. (25 Years of Snow Avalanche Research at NGI, Anniversary Conference, Voss, Norway, 12-16 May, 1998, Proceedings). Norwegian Geotechnical Institute, Oslo.
  • Keylock, C.J. 1997. Snow avalanches. Progress in Physical Geography, 21, 481-500.

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