Emma Suriņach Cornet
EU Contract no. EVG1-CT2002-00059


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  xxxxxxEmma Surinach
  • Emma Suriņach Cornet, born Barcelona 1951 is a lecturer of Geophysics at the Barcelona University. PhD in Physics (Universidad Complutense of Madrid, 1981, "Numerical Inversion Methods to interpret deep seismic soundings").
  • The current research activity, initiated in 1993, is the study of the seismic signal generated by snow avalanches in order to better understand their dynamics and to improve their automatic detection.
  • She supervised three of the PhD Theses on avalanches carried out in the Department and is the supervisor of Ignasi Vilajosana's PhD thesis (in progress). She is also involved in the study of the deep crustal structure by means of gravity, magnetic and seismic methods and on subjects related to the evaluation of the crustal deformations in the SE of the Iberian Peninsula (GPS and high precision levelling).
  • She is responsible for the Satsie project at the Univeristy of Barcelona.
  • e-mail: emma.surinach@ub.edu

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