Tyriheim Meeting, 19-21 April, 2004
EU Contract no. EVG1-CT2002-00059


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  Avalanche Dynamics Monitoring, Modelling and Experimentation
  • The Tyriheim meeting was attended by SATSIE project members as well as researchers from Moscow State University (Margareta Eglit), Narvik University College (Harald Arntsen), the University of Trondheim (Fridtjov Irgens), SLF (Martin Kern), and the University of Manchester (Nico Gray).
  • Presentations were given by the meeting participants on various aspects of snow avalanche behaviour. These presentations can be downloaded by project members from the link in the private area.
  • We discussed various results including:
    • Pressure effects associated with powder snow avalanches;
    • Chute experiments with granular material in Pavia;
    • Snow chute experiments at the Weissfluhjoch and at Col du Lac Blanc;
    • A variety of modelling strategies including those based on the kinetic theory of gases and multi-layer models;
    • Shock-capturing numerical schemes;
    • Flow regimes and the saltation layer;
    • Avalanche-dam interactions;
    • Methods of modelling snow erosion and deposition;
    • Seismic measurements of avalanche processes;
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