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Please address correspondence to The Secretariat, University of Leeds, E C Stoner Building 11.72, Leeds LS2 9JT, UK. If telephoning from outside the University campus, please dial 0113 34 and then the relevant extension below.

Governance Support:

Melody Mellor (Head of Governance Support): 34061;

Jenny Foggin (Senior Governance and Corporate Affairs Officer): 31155;

Rebecca Messenger-Clark (Governance and Corporate Affairs Officer): 37346;

Helena Smith (Company Secretary): 36011;

Helen Pickersgill (Office Manager): 34036;

Dawn Thompson (Secretarial support): 36012;



Corporate Affairs:

David Wardle (Deputy Secretary): 34452;

Catherine Cho (Senior Governance and Corporate Affairs Officer): 34054;

Guy Dixon (Governance and Corporate Affairs Officer): 31028;

Louise McCunniff (Insurance Officer): 36029;

Daksha Chavda (Secretarial support): 36705;

Legal Affairs:

Adrian Slater (University Solicitor): 34078;

Caroline Coulsey (Specialist in litigation): 33942;

Melanie Steed (Specialist in employment law): 37661;

Tracey Crombie (Secretarial support): 34079;


Last updated: 1.2.2017 (CLLC)

Student Cases:

Rebecca Dearden (Head of Student Cases): 33626:

Cheryl Cox (Governance and Corporate Affairs Officer): 33992;

Alison Usher (Secretariat Support Officer): 31276;