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The Secretariat comprises four teams - Governance Support, Corporate Affairs, Legal Affairs and Student Cases. Together, their primary responsibility is assisting the University Secretary in promoting the best standards of corporate governance throughout the institution.

Governance Support:

This team's responsibilities include ensuring that principal decision-making bodies are provided with timely information, analysis and advice. It also oversees the constitutional operation of the University as a whole, by administering:

The team is headed by Melody Mellor (Head of Governance Support), and includes Jenny Foggin, Helena Smith, Rebecca Messenger-Clark, Helen Pickersgill and Dawn Thompson.


Corporate Affairs:

This team supports the effective management of the University. This involves business planning and outward-facing activities. The team's responsibilities include:

The team is headed by David Wardle (Deputy Secretary), and also includes Catherine Cho, Guy Dixon, Louise McCunniff and Daksha Chavda.

Legal Affairs:

The Legal Affairs team is headed by the University Solicitor, Adrian Slater, who provides the University with in-house legal advice.

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The team also includes Caroline Coulsey, Melanie Steed, and Tracey Crombie.








Last updated - 1.2.2017 (CLLC)

Student Cases:

This team is responsible for the administration of the University's procedures in relation to the following:

  • Academic appeals (by taught and research students)
  • Administering the University's Student Complaints Procedure
  • Special cases of student progress
  • Referred and unsatisfactory students
  • Allegations of cheating and plagiarism
  • Student health and conduct
  • Advice on the regulations for taught programmes of study

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The team includes Rebecca Dearden (Head of Student Cases), Cheryl Cox and Alison Usher.