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Student death or crisis

News of a student's death or other crisis can reach the University in a number of different ways, but in all cases must be reported immediately to the University Secretary, Roger Gair: (0113) 343 4011;

Cases reported out of normal working hours should be brought to the attention of University Security on (0113) 343 2222;

The Secretary (who has overall responsibility for the management of critical incidents), or David Wardle (Deputy Secretary) acting on his behalf, will ensure that information is conveyed to the relevant parties. David can be contacted on: 0113 343 4452;

Other Key Contacts:

  • Chaplaincy: (0113) 343 5073  (out of hours 0744 3873203)
  • Head of the Student Counselling Centre: Jane Harris (0113) 343 4106
  • Director of Student Operations: Catherine Lorigan (0113) 343 5780
  • Mental Health Team: Jeanette Hannah (0113) 343 7458 (or 07771 512598)
  • Acting Head of Security: Malcolm Dawson (0113) 343 5483
  • Accommodation Manager: Heather Sugden (0113) 343 6071 (out of hours 07810 852156)
  • Communications Director: Mark Devane (0113) 343 3207

The University has drawn up guidelines to help schools and halls of residence respond to the death of a student. They can also be used (with appropriate adjustment) to help shape the response to other forms of crisis directly affecting one or more students — including, for example, life-threatening illness, serious injury, road accident, attack or attempted suicide.

Download the complete guidelines


Updated: 21.5.18 (CLLC)