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Student Profiles

Faidat  Akinwole Braimoh

Talking about discovery modules

Tammie Ash

Talking about University financial support

Ben Barrett

Talking about studying abroad

Robert Bruce

Talking about work experience

Emily Calvin

Talking about her research

Louis  Ewart

Talking about clubs and societies

Sarah  Harris

MGeol, BSc Geological Sciences (International)

Gary  Hinken

Talking about returning to education

Emily Jacklin

Talking about her year in industry

Rupert  Lloyd

Talking about studying abroad

James  Long

Talking about work experience

Naomi  Maher

Talking about financial support

Kari Medalla

Talking about being an international student

Althea Mok

Talking about her experience of studying in the UK

James  Nicholson

Talking about volunteering

Kelsie Root

Talking about her experience of research-based learning

Marieke van de Braak

Talking about accommodation

Jenna Weets

Talking about setting up her business

Staff Profiles

Professor Neil Morris and Dr Emilee Simmons

Talking about the University's digital investment

Dr Luke Burns

Teaching fellow and lecturer in Geographical Information Systems

Professor Martin Levesley

Professor of dynamic and control and Pro-Dean for Student Education in the Faculty of Engineering

Alumni Profiles

Jonny and Alistair Brownlee

University of Leeds alumni, 2016 Olympic silver and gold medallists

Kelly Wood

Talking about how our alumni community help our undergraduate students