Charlie Staniforth

In the first year we were given an overview of subjects so you could decide if you wanted to study something more in depth. Going into the course I wasn’t sure what subject to take on and develop more – I enjoyed maths, physics and biology so I chose those as part of the course. I later focused on maths and biology and in particular I’ve enjoyed the conservation and ecology modules in biology.

My course has allowed me to solve some complex issues, for example answering a complicated question in maths. I want to use that skill out in the working world and apply my problem solving skills to a job. The course allows me to keep my options open in terms of a career path.

I’ve had work in the labs but I’ve also had lectures and worked online so it’s nice to have had that mix. There has been independent study but also teamwork in the labs, and I’ve worked on my own initiative – with my dissertation I’ve had to work out where best to go and how best to solve issues and answer questions.

For my dissertation I built a website to teach volunteers how to distinguish between pollinators. When I talked to my supervisor it was a new field he was looking into so I feel like I’ve added to that and helped to develop the work that’s out there.

I’ve had lots of opportunities to go out and develop my work. It’s been fun and it’s given me the chance to see the subjects in the field and see how biologists and conservationists do their work.

At Leeds you’re in a good university with state-of-the-art facilities and academics who are experts in their fields who are always there to talk to. I’ve enjoyed it so much; I’ve not looked back since I’ve come here.