Nasser Jamili

My course is related to traffic management, transportation issues and policies. I did my undergraduate degree in civil engineering in Iran and was very happy to get the chance to study for this course at Leeds. I was keen to continue studying in a big, popular university in the UK or the USA.

Before I came to Leeds I looked up universities online and compared their rankings. I looked at lecturers’ profiles on the Institute for Transport Studies website and saw how strong they were, their reputations and publications, and I compared these with other universities.

When I started the course I met lots of people from all around the world, from South America, South East Asia and Europe. I found new friends and it was a good experience to be part of such a diverse community. I became familiar with different countries and cultures.

I like Leeds because there’s student accommodation walking distance from the city centre, and you can easily find somewhere to enjoy yourself – clubs, restaurants and shops. It’s vibrant and not as expensive as London.

If you’re offered a place at Leeds, definitely accept it because it will change your life and your future. I have a job to start in June, all I think because of the University of Leeds and its reputation. And if you want to continue your academic study Leeds is one of the best places in the UK.

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