Natalie Lee

I have wanted to explore the world for a long time. When I saw the information about the Leeds International Summer School, I thought this would be a great opportunity to learn about British culture and get a valuable study abroad experience and I immediately signed up for the LISS programme.

I felt really warm and happy after I arrived in Leeds, the university campus is huge, the facilities are great, the accommodation is very comfortable and most importantly, the teachers and social assistants are friendly and helpful.

During the LISS program, I took the modules Electronic Music and Music in Film. I enjoyed discussing the music with the teachers and classmates and learning about other cultures. The teachers were nice, if you have any difficulties understanding the lecture they don't hesitate to offer their help and answer your questions. I learnt how to compose music by using computer software, I saw many classmates also composed great and interesting music, everyone could be a musician.

I also enjoyed the excursions, I couldn't help myself and I kept taking pictures, sending postcards to my family and drinking the Yorkshire tea! I loved Whitby most, it is a small town near the sea and famous for fish and chips. You can go on a boat trip, try their ice-cream or go to the museum.

Leeds is a city full of arts, I often went to the Leeds Arts Gallery and the Leeds City Museum, they have many exhibitions there and I even watched The Sound of Music in the Leeds Grand Theatre. If you are interested in arts and British culture, don't hesitate to join LISS! Overall, this summer is going to be a memory that will last for a lifetime for me. I am really grateful that I have participated in LISS.

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