Rasa Islam

When the opportunity for Leeds International Summer School (LISS) appeared on my home university’s website, I knew LISS was going to be my study-abroad experience. A bit more research into the actual program, the city and the university reputation convinced me that LISS would be an academically rigorous summer program with adequate cultural immersion options. The accounts from previous participants were also encouraging. I decided to do Wealth and Poverty and Entrepreneurship and Society modules here. I loved how our workshop-like classes were small so we had more interaction opportunities with the facilitators. While the first module allowed me to critically analyse poverty in contemporary society and link it to historical legacies, the latter was more about innovation and skills in order to channel that innovation for business use.

This mix of socio-economic business units has allowed me to broaden my knowledge horizon given that I am majoring in biomedical science. Interesting perspectives often appeared out of these class discussions, allowing a global exchange of ideas.

My favourite part of LISS was the social program. A variety of socials, ranging from day trips to pub quizzes, were organised by the fabulous and ever-smiling social assistant team. This meant we always had something to do. My favourite was the Whitby trip. I was not expecting to be stunned by the simplicity of this small sea-side town, but I was so wrong! I loved every aspect of Whitby - the fish and chips, the abbey, the pier, the colourful huts at the tail of the beach, and the town centre with crowded souvenir shops, local artistry stores and game venues. The Yorkshire Dales was another gem; the view from the surreal limestone platform of the Malham cove was therapeutic. I really appreciated how we got a glimpse of other English cities such as York and Manchester as part of our social/module plans. This inspired me to visit Liverpool later, alongside numerous personal and group trips to various locations in Leeds.

My stay here in Leeds concludes with memories and achievements. Not only have I made lifelong friends here with whom I am already planning my next trip, but I have become a more confident and smart traveller - a skill that is transferrable to other settings as well. My modules were taught by passionate presenters who had infectious positivity about different aspects of business. I have travelled to English cities such as Manchester, Liverpool, York, Whitby and captured the majestic Yorkshire Dales. I would definitely recommend the program as it is a complete personal and professional growth opportunity. After all, “you only LISS once”.

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