Sadhvika Chandrasekar

My summer at the University of Leeds was nothing short of incredible. I’m not going to lie, it’s no small feat juggling adjusting to living in a new place, being around a foreign culture, budgeting your money in another currency, trying to make new friends and meet new people, finding your way around, oh, and taking classes! But it’s definitely worth it.

I came to Leeds excited about all the endless possibilities I could make out of my study abroad experience and ready to try out all that I could! I was surprised with how soon I fell in love with this beautiful place. The city is big without being suffocatingly busy and small enough without feeling too cramped.

The University itself is stunning. I fell in love with the swimming pool and the fitness centre, The Edge, and tried to spend all my free time there! My friends and I also took a fair number of the free classes like Keiser Cycle, Zumba and Pilates which left us so sore! We also signed up for a kayaking lesson. Kayaking down the canal was definitely one of the highlights of this summer.

We had social events every other evening and I honestly cannot pick my favourite. It would have to be a draw between karaoke night and the salsa class!

As for the excursions, Malham Cove was the best. Although it involved a fair bit of walking, hiking and climbing, the view at the top was definitely worth it. Our days were overwhelmingly jam-packed but I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Leeds International Summer School (LISS) has increased my perception of the world’s differences. I have never felt so cultured. I have walked on moors, climbed on rocks, explored beaches, and seen some of the most beautiful architecture in the world.

I have made a connection here that I didn’t know I could. I have found a family, a home and a place that I definitely want to return to as soon as possible. This entire experience has made me feel like a new person and I would not trade it for the world. A summer here was not enough.

If you are even considering going to Leeds for the summer, my advice is don’t think twice. Just do it now and thank me later. It will, without a doubt, be a life-changing experience and you will leave with a ton of amazing memories and friendships.

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