Sharon Tam

I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to participate in the LISS program. I desperately wanted to take courses outside my academic field and wanted to experience the British culture. Upon discovering that the LISS program provided such a wide range of courses and excursions, I applied with no doubt in my mind that this was the right program for me.

In terms of academic modules, I chose The English Country House and Heretics, Witches and Conspirators. During The English Country House module, I learnt about the various styles of architecture used to build these houses, like the Baroque and Neo-Palladian styles. As a student majoring in Communication Studies, it was refreshing for to me to study something different. As a result of the course, I now have a greater appreciation of the beauty of a building. I also really liked that we went on fascinating field trips to several English country houses. For example, we visited Castle Howard, which is truly enchanting. For the Heretics, Witches and Conspirators course, I learnt about the history of witchcraft. This course was completely different to anything I’ve studied in Hong Kong and I admired how the teacher encouraged us to participate in class discussion in order to stimulate us to think and reflect.

Outside of the classroom, I loved the excursion to the Yorkshire Dales the most. We went on an exciting hike to Malham Cove; the scenery from the top of the mountain was stunning.

I will never forget the experience and knowledge I gained during my time in Leeds. This will be a lifelong memory for me.

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