Jinghao Li

In order to improve my English communication ability and discover a different study experience, I applied for LISS 2017. I have now been studying in Leeds for four weeks and I am very satisfied with this programme.

I studied two modules during the summer school: Business and Culture Awareness: Bridging the Gap and Creative Writing: Travel and Journalism. I chose these two modules because both of them would help me learn more about British culture through researching British business culture and literature. There are quite a lot of differences between classes at the University of Leeds and my home University. In Leeds, group work and individual presentations play an important role in each module, which is not the case at my home University. I enjoyed the experience of cooperating with classmates from different countries and different cultural backgrounds.

Each weekend, there were exciting excursions to different places. The excursion to Whitby had a big impact on me. In Whitby, I felt overwhelmed by the magnificent beach, hill, historic abbey, harbour and peaceful town. The harbour has its own lighthouse and pier which spread into the sea. Walking along the pier, you can see the blue sea around you. There are some benches on the pier, where you can sit down and enjoy the wind, while watching the ships in the distance. On the beach you can view the tide and the picturesque scenery was amazing.

As for life in Leeds, I think this is a student-friendly city. Near the campus, there are caf├ęs, supermarkets and parks, so it is very convenient for students living here. In the city centre, there are museums, an art gallery and department stores for students to enjoy their free time. The local people here are friendly and hospitable, and I would really recommend it as a city for students to study and live.

In conclusion, I have had a very positive experience of student life in the UK and received an experience of high quality education at the University of Leeds. In addition, I have made friends from different countries and enjoyed a good summer in England with them. This experience has been important to me and I will never forget my summer in Leeds.

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