Alysa Leung

I wanted to break out of my comfort zone and try a different style of learning, so here I am, travelling from Hong Kong to Leeds!

I studied filmmaking and photography here. Although I am a media student, I have never studied these topics before. I was amazed by the professor here, who was really nice and patient. He always planned the lessons well and was very understanding. He was able to make theoretical things fun – I even played Hermione from Harry Potter during one lesson! I was over the moon! In general, the lessons were memorable. And this module will be useful for my future career as an all-rounded media artist.

The culture exposure included in the LISS program is delightful. When I checked my Google maps, I found that I travelled across most of the Yorkshire area! My favourite cities are York and Whitby. York is such a historic town packed with astonishing Roman architecture. Meanwhile, Whitby is a little town near the sea. The view there is fantastic! By the way, the fish and chips there are award winning! Watch out for the seagulls though – they will fight for your chips! With the unlimited sea line and soft wind, I was completely mesmerised.

Apart from my studies and trips, I went to the gym and cooked in my leisure time. The Edge, a world-class gym located eight minutes away from my accommodation, was the best gym I have ever seen! I went there for swimming every morning before lessons in the first two weeks. And later, I joined their free classes, including yoga, fitball and Zumba. The tutors were helpful and kind. Then I spent about two hours a day there for running and yoga workouts. I felt much healthier than before!

I had always wanted to enjoy my evenings with friends in Hong Kong. In Leeds, I could finally achieve that! I went shopping with my friends after lessons and we prepared our meals together every day. Enjoying the sunshine and friendships we had, this summer was amazing.

Thanks LISS!

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