Marissa Irene Uli

When my home university gave me the green light to take up an exchange, I immediately looked at opportunities in the United Kingdom. Luckily during my search, I found that perfect opportunity at the University of Leeds which is in a small vibrant city that reminded me of the town I use to live in during my childhood. Thus without giving it much thought I packed my bags and embarked upon an opportunity I will never forget.

To start off, not only have I always wanted to say “I’m an exchange student” but I’ve always found it important to constantly experience new environments and people that are different to me. This is to remind me to constantly gain knowledge and an open mind of the world that is so vastly diverse. I took classes such as Building Britain, where we discussed the industrial revolution and had debates. It was interesting to learn about British history from England itself to see how they see their history versus how I have come to learn about Britain outside of England.

Though honestly, what is so valuable about the LISS program is the many trips we went on with each class and also those for leisure purposes. As part of Building Britain we went down deep into a coal mine to discover how British industrialisation became so rapid. At weekends we got to visit cities such as York and Whitby to discover England beyond our classes. This is such a unique program where students get to be guided around England and I visited cities that I would never have seen without LISS.

All in all, for a month, Leeds has been my home. It was where I would converse with my new found friends while eating lunch. It was where I wrote my late night essays for a class that I enjoyed. It was where I talked to kind professors about new found ideas. As a whole, it was a community and environment where I grew to understand the world a bit more while also ticking boxes on my list of places where I have travelled. I could not have asked for a better and kinder place to be.

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