Natalie Tam

I came to Leeds because of its well-known learning atmosphere and it is quite a popular exchange city at my home university. During the programme, I studied Music in Film and Photography which both gave me a lot of inspiration and new knowledge. For example, in the module Music in Film, I learnt about film music in different periods and how to analyse a music piece.

Although the class is made up of students from different academic levels, the module leaders achieved to balance the contents and through discussions, and I learnt about film music from not only the professors, but also my classmates. Especially talking of music, different people will have different feelings or thoughts on the same piece so it was really interesting to listen to what others think.

Apart from the academic part, I love the excursions that the programme organized for us. Yorkshire is such a beautiful place with all the spectacular landscapes. The trip to Whitby and the hike in Grassington is definitely a highlight. There is also enough free time for us to explore in Leeds. From shopping to going for a drink, you can do anything you want just in a walking distance, which is super convenient. Actually, my friends and I missed Leeds more than our home city after the programme! Talking of friends, after living in the same dorm and hanging out throughout the month, many international friendships are built (and new couples as well!).

I made friends with people from Finland, Singapore, Japan, the States, etc, and they were so supportive throughout the programme and we have so many resonances, for example when we missed the local cuisine in our home city! Last thing to mention is the angels who took care of us for the whole LISS programme, the social assistants! They provided a lot of help during the programme and suggested us where to eat or where to go, and they have been trying to make sure we were enjoying ourselves in Leeds and in the university.

For those who are struggling what to do in the next summer, do not hesitate, go for the LISS programme for sure! I was quite worried before the departure to Leeds, as I have never left home and lived alone for such a long time. However, my worries were all gone on the first few days after my arrival as the environment and people were so nice here. It is such a precious experience that you can only gain during your university life!

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