Ramkrishna Prasad

LISS is the perfect destination to get away from mundane college life and explore the glory of the UK. It was my willingness to travel around Britain that pushed me to join LISS. Well, it turned out to be much more than that.

They say that we have experienced the best weather conditions that England could offer in the month of July. The sunny days were perfect for venturing around and exploring. LISS gave me an opportunity to visit many nearby places which I would have neglected as a tourist. This helped get a better understanding of the British society and culture.

Places like Ilkley and the Yorkshire Dales were a sweet display of small towns and countryside. However, the most welcoming for me was the trip to York. From the narrow streets full of shops to artistic Shakespeare’s drama theatre, everything was just worth experiencing. The design of the shops along with their merchandise epitomised British life. As part of the other face of the coin, I was fortunate enough to experience the techno-advancement of the country at the Jaguar and Land Rover factory. My visit to this highly automated car factory was part of my Robotics module.

The courses here are very exciting. I was very delighted to experience the western ways of teaching. I took a course on robotics and another on entrepreneurship. Both my modules were more of the hands-on experience than textual knowledge. The idea of social enterprises is not common in my country. Getting to know about them and visiting a few local businesses was an enrichment to my understanding about business. These ways of teaching have made me realise that I can do much better by throwing myself into the world. Moreover, LISS has been very motivating towards pitching my holistic development.

I would like to mention the diversity of this programme. People from different fields have different approaches to things, which in turn makes it very interesting. I am an engineering student who always has a logical and technical approach to things. However, it was great to see how my business school friends were able to make me think from their perspective and realise how it could instead be better (in a few places).

Finally, I would like to make a mention about our social assistants, who were great to be around with. This programme makes me long to come back to the UK and keep experiencing more and more of it.

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