Wade Matthews

After four years at University basically doing the same thing every day, I was bored and wanted to add some flavour into my University experience. I looked online and did some research and found the Leeds International Summer School that was running during my Winter break. I looked a little further and saw that the courses that LISS offered were not the boring run-of-the-mill classes that every university offers, but were some more interesting and unique ones.

During block 1, I studied ‘English Country House: A Social History’, a course that examines the Country Houses and their place in early modern society. In block 2, I studied ‘Heretics, Witches & Conspirators: A History of Fear’, a course that examines the religious turmoil of the early modern period and the role fear played in society. My classes at LISS were interesting and taught by lecturers who were passionate about the topics explored. I personally enjoyed the field trips for English Country House as we were able to further evolve the content being taught and see first-hand the houses we were studying.

It is hard to describe what I enjoyed most about the LISS programme as there is so much but, if I must choose one, it would be the people that I have met and have developed friendships with at LISS. My favourite field trip was Castle Howard. IT WAS AMAZING! My favourite excursion was Whitby – it was a nice conclusion to LISS.

During LISS, we had more free time than classes, and it was great as it allowed me to hang out with my new friends and catch up on some much-needed sleep. Leeds is a great city to live in as everything is so close. It was only a 10 minute walk into the city centre which was bursting with life and culture. From my time abroad, I have learned that I can be more independent than I previously realised.

If you’re considering doing LISS, I recommend doing it. It is an experience that you will not regret!

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