Network Rail

Professors Chris Nash and Mark Wardman of the Institute for Transport Studies acted as advisors to Network Rail in their New Lines study, designed to examine the issue of future rail network capacity and how best to address our needs.

The project included examining high speed rail networks around the globe and the potential benefits of creating a similar high speed rail service between London and Scotland.

Network Rail employed commercial consultants to do the modelling work, and by working with the University of Leeds they gained access to the findings of relevant academic literature and state-of-the-art advice on modelling and appraisal issues. The conclusions of the New Lines study led directly to the detailed planning of the proposed new high speed line HS2

Sanjay Jamuar, managed the News Lines project at Network Rail. He commented:

"The University of Leeds contribution has been extremely valuable and has enhanced the quality of our outputs. The first paper the New Lines programme commissioned was to understand why other countries have built high speed rail and how have they benefitted. This helped us in focusing our attention on the important strategic issues. The expert input in the modelling work provided the assurance and enhanced our confidence in the findings."

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