Herbert Parkinson

Getting enough sleep can be determined by a number of factors but changes in temperatures can often lead to a disturbed night’s sleep.

Duvets are a very popular choice for bedding but the problem is that the only solution to overheating during sleep is to remove the duvet. This can result in disturbed sleep.  A sophisticated duvet-based “sleep system” that overcomes the need to do this by continually maintaining acceptable temperature and humidity conditions would solve this problem and also be unique in the market both in the UK and Europe. 

With this in mind, Herbert Parkinson Limited, a manufacturing company within the John Lewis Group, and a leading producer of natural fibre filled pillows and duvets, soft furnishing fabrics, cushions, curtains and blinds for sale through John Lewis stores worked with the Centre for Technical Textiles at the University to find a solution.

They worked with our Knowledge Transfer Partnership team to create innovative and patented market leading products with the added potential to be marketed in areas not originally considered.

These new technology products are significantly different to anything offered by competitors and could lead the company to enter into new markets both in the UK and in Europe.

Speaking about the partnership, Stuart McDonald, Head of Branch, Herbert Parkinson, said: “This KTP has given us the confidence to innovate in areas other than manufacturing technology to grow our business. It’s our intention to develop and grow our collaboration with the University of Leeds into the future.”

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