Wealth of opportunities

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Enriching your degree An array of opportunities are available to you during your time here

The range of enriching opportunities offered at Leeds will help you gain experiences and skills that will be with you for life.

Leeds for Life

We want you to get the most out of your whole experience while studying at Leeds to  help you record the value of what you have done, and to be able to articulate it clearly and confidently.

Leeds for Life will help you identify the things you want to get involved in alongside your study, as well for your time beyond university. The Leeds for Life website, developed in collaboration with our students, will allow to record your experiences in a ‘living CV’ which you can use to provide examples of your skills in applications or interviews with employers.

Find out more about how Leeds for Life can help you develop new skills and boost your career prospects.

Study abroad

Studying abroad is not only really enjoyable, but it will broaden your horizons and place you at a clear advantage in the employment stakes. We have exchange programmes with universities worldwide, and you can study abroad for just one semester or a full academic year as part of your undergraduate course.
If you still need convincing of the benefits of living and studying in another country, have a look at the study abroad website.

You can work or study abroad through a scheme called Erasmus


Volunteering to work with organisations or projects on or off campus, including overseas, is a great way to broaden your experience and develop valuable skills to enhance your CV. The University has over 1,000 opportunities, everything from mentoring disadvantaged children in Leeds to helping to build school playgrounds in Africa. You can find these opportunities and many others by searching the co-curricular opportunities on the Leeds for Life website.

Through our Leeds for Life Foundation grants we can help fund you to set up your own project using your energy, compassion and commitment to develop your skills whilst also benefiting others. Projects can be local, or anywhere in the UK or overseas. They can be small or large, winter or summer, individual or group-based - the only limitation is your imagination.

Clubs and societies

Our award-winning student union and its range of around 300 clubs and societies offer even more opportunities to pursue your passion for culture, sport and to try something new. Read more about clubs and societies

Work experience

Boost your career prospects and get valuable work experience during your course. From a 12-month integrated placement as part of your degree to a structured summer internship and volunteering, the opportunities are many and varied. Whatever you choose to do, work experience looks great on your CV. It proves to employers that you're motivated and makes you stand out.

12-month work placements

A placement year, or project work as part of your course, allows you to spend time in industry with one of the hundreds of companies that the University works with each year. These options are offered by most departments and can help you gain the skills valued by employers, as well as developing enterprise skills. Not everything can be learnt in lectures - commercial awareness, building relationships and gaining skills in dealing with difficult situations can be better developed in the workplace. Throughout the year, you will receive support from the University which will help you to reflect on and evaluate your placement.

For more information about 12-month placements see the Career Centre website

Business start-up support

Around a third of students intend to start their own business. Our Spark team will support and encourage you from initial idea to start up and beyond. We provide individual, professional, business advice as well as running workshops and residential programmes, where you can learn from internal and external business experts and, as importantly, meet like-minded people who also help you to grow your idea or provide a service/product for your business.

Read about two graduate entrepreneurs who were supported in their venture by the University

Find out more about Spark

Part-time work

Many students work part-time. This not only puts money in your pocket, but it also helps you gain valuable experience. You'll find plenty of opportunities through our Joblink service

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