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Celebrating the work of a neglected scientific pioneer

- A University of Leeds academic has shed important new light on the fascinating story of a pioneer whose contribution to one of science’s biggest discoveries has long been overlooked.

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Big data to help blood cancer patients

- A pioneering database at the University of Leeds will help match patients with certain types of blood cancers to the best treatments.

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Robotic therapy helps children’s coordination

- Researchers from the University of Leeds are developing an innovative new robotic device that helps children to practise and improve their hand coordination.

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Breakfast excellent fuel for learning

- As children head back to school this week, new research by the University of Leeds has shown that children who eat breakfast are more likely to have higher school grades.

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Level playing field for Clostridium difficile diagnosis

- The largest study of its kind, carried out by experts at the University of Leeds, has shown the most effective test for the diagnosis of Clostridium difficile (C-Diff).

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Study allays out-of-hours admissions fears

- Children admitted to UK intensive care units in out-of-hours emergencies are at no greater risk of dying than children arriving during normal working hours, according to new research.

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