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Research centre to develop next generation of advanced chemical products

- A new £7 million centre at the University of Leeds will lead UK research in manufacturing advanced chemical products.

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Researchers solve paradox of virus construction

- A new study has solved a long-standing puzzle of how common viruses reproduce themselves during an infection, opening up new possibilities for treating a range of diseases from HIV to the common cold.

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Climate change will reduce crop yields sooner than we thought

- A study led by the University of Leeds has shown that global warming of only 2°C will be detrimental to crops in temperate and tropical regions, with reduced yields from the 2030s onwards.

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Simulating how the Earth kick-started metabolism

- Researchers have developed a new approach to simulating the energetic processes that may have led to the emergence of cell metabolism on Earth – a crucial biological function for all living organisms.

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The first animals created a world hospitable to complex life forms

- The first animals may have oxygenated the Earth’s oceans – contrary to the traditional view that a rise in oxygen triggered their development, according to a study published in Nature Geoscience.

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The weird and wonderful side of science

- Leeds Festival of Science (14 March – 4 April) marks its 8th birthday this year with a packed programme of events for the general public.

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