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Clouds: bright and with a fresh pine scent

- A new study has shed light on the first step of cloud formation, revealing that organic oxides – such as the molecule responsible for giving pine forests their smell – are a vital ingredient.

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El Niño offers a new way to predict poor harvests in a changing climate

- Scientists have announced the findings of the first study on the connection between the El Niño and global crop yield fluctuations, providing a new tool for adapting food security to climate change.

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Super-charged tropical trees

- A team of scientists has found that Borneo’s productive trees are vitally important for global carbon cycling.

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Teaming up with M&S for a new online course in business innovation

- World class innovation by leading retailer Marks & Spencer is featured in one of two free online courses launched today by the University of Leeds.

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Leeds professor elected to Royal Society

- Sheena Radford, Astbury Professor of Biophysics at the University of Leeds, has been made a fellow of the Royal Society.

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New technique could transform low-energy light detection

- Researchers have discovered a way to use standard semiconductors to detect light over a much broader range of wavelengths.

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