13 November 2008

With the formation of Leeds Skin Centre for Applied Research (Leeds Skin Care), a spin-out company from the University of Leeds, all staff and facilities of the Skin Research Centre were transferred to Leeds Skin Care. 

Consequently, the Skin Research Centre no longer provides Research, Clinical, Laboratory and Mobile Laboratory Services.  These facilities are now operated by Leeds Skin Centre for Applied Research. 

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or email info@leedsskincare.co.uk


The Skin Research Centre (SRC) at the University of Leeds was established in 1990 as a focus for research on skin and clinical dermatology.

It provides a unique opportunity to combine the work of a large scientific community dedicated to skin research with one of the largest clinical dermatology departments in Europe.

The clinical application of fundamental scientific research has lead to improvements in the long term management of a variety of skin diseases.

Research, Clinical & Laboratory Services and Mobile Laboratory Services