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Faculty Services - glossary of terms


Module (CRN) - this is the unique identifing number for the module in Banner.

Section - for most modules this will show 1 as the module will only run once in an academic year. Where a module is running more than once, the occurance number will show here.

Start -- End - dates that the module is running. Usually this will be the start and end dates of semester 1 or 2, but there will be other modules that run with non-standard week patterns.

Status - will show:
    A (active)
    I (inactive)
    D (discontinued).
If you see anything other than an active module, contact your school administrator as there may be an error in information.


Reg code - enrolment status on the module. The codes included on the initial module page (i.e. all students attending teaching) are:
    RE - enrolled
    RW - enrolled via the web
    RM - replacement module
    SN - supernumerary module
    SS - special skills
    WA - withdrawn, assessment required
    T1 - resit, carried first attempt with teaching
    T2 - resit, carried second attempt with teaching
    T3 - resit, carried third attempt with teaching
    T4 - resit, carried fourth attempt with teaching
There are other codes available and are listed online.

Disability - a tick in this column indicates whether the student has registered a disability with the University of Leeds. If you wish to know any further information about the disability please contact your departmental administrator.

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