Student Education Service development

Training and Development

One of the first tasks undertaken by the project was to clarify the importance of training and development for the Student Education Service and describe how stakeholders should engage with this to benefit themselves and the Service.  In consultation with the SES Directors, the description below has been produced to confirm the SES commitment to staff development.

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SES Commitment to Staff Development

This should be considered within the context of the University's commitment and support for staff development.

In order to ensure achievement of the SES vision of providing

• a high quality service
consistency of processes and support for staff and students
• an equitable experience for students
• the opportunity provided for staff

a programme of training and development opportunities is available for SES staff. In order to maximise the benefits of these opportunities a commitment is expected from the Service, from Line Managers and from individual members of staff in that:

The Service will ensure that mechanisms are in place to facilitate the continuing professional development of all staff. It will provide a comprehensive, high quality and accessible programme of training and development to ensure staff have the knowledge, skills and capabilities to achieve the Service vision now and in the future and have the opportunity to develop their individual potential.

Line Managers (and Advisers for those on probation) will ensure staff receive all essential training and have equitable access to further training and development opportunities. Training needs will be reviewed and prioritised through the University SRDS process.

Individual members of SES staff will undertake all essential training and keep themselves informed about developments in their own areas of work. They will also reflect on their personal training and development needs in light of their career aspirations and devote time to meeting those needs. As members of one service SES staff will contribute to the learning and development of themselves, their team and the Service as a whole by sharing their learning experiences and contributing to the review and enhancement of training and development, where possible.

While training and development activities cannot guarantee progression, the Service is committed to supporting career progression and will encourage and facilitate this wherever possible.


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