The Who Live at Leeds

The beginning - 14/02/70
The plan - 06/07/05The return - 16/07/06

Tracking down alumni

The guys who booked The Who for the original concert had reached legendary status in the University community and we were determined to reunite them for the band’s return. Countless phone calls brought Simon Brogan (social secretary) down from the Orkneys, John Standerline (electrician) from Newport, Wales and a stunning last minute find got Pete Hart (roadie) dashing from Dallas, Texas to make it to the concert on time.

John Standerline, Simon Brogan and Pete Hart (organisers of the 1970 gig)
with the Vice-Chancellor and Andy Kershaw

We’ve heard for years from alumni who’d chosen to study here mainly because of our musical heritage. To give everyone a fair chance, we held an online ticket ballot that drew responses from graduates of all ages. Randomly drawn winners couldn’t believe their luck. It was clear from their reactions they had an incredible time.

The jaw of a Manchester airport security official dropped when ballot-winners Rachel and Mick McCormick explained the reason for their short visit to the UK. They’d flown from Detroit on the morning of the show and flew home the next morning. By the end of the weekend, the airport also saw concert attendees going home to San Francisco, New York, Shanghai, Toronto and Southern France.


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